Reposted: The Good Ones Don´t Make The News

About the good things happening in the Holy Land, while the media is reporting about the ongoing violence. As long as there are good people around, there is always hope…

Reposted from Sophie Rose Schor:

Sitting over a glass of cheap red wine in Paris two weeks ago, I shared my life with my old friends from when I lived there. “How are you?” they asked me. Full, I said. I’m leading a full life—full of food and friends and coffee and meaningful work and challenging projects. “But what’s it like to live there?” they ask.“There’s a violent conflict going on,” I answered while shrugging, “It becomes normal…” I sat with one of my mentors. He asked me earnestly, “Sophie, tell me…is anything good happening there?”

Good people are working hard and trying to carve out futures together amidst the madness of this place, and that is constantly overshadowed by hate and fear on all sides.

Like today. Today I went to a march of Jews and Arabs in solidarity against the occupation. This march is taking place the first Friday of every month.


You find the full article here:

The Good Ones Don`t Make The News


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